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Into the Beyond - Part 1: Fated - Paul James Keyes

A tale of twisted fate…

High school sophomore Lewis Graham is awoken by a seemingly all-knowing creature appearing through a portal in his bedroom. The impish fellow tells him he is important later, and that in order to reach his destiny it is imperative he does exactly what he’s told.

When he follows the creature’s instructions, the cheerleader he’s been crushing on is suddenly within his grasp—bullies start dropping like flies!

But then a Native American girl sneaks Lewis a note containing three simple words, launching him down a frightening and thought-provoking path:

Don’t Trust It.

This time-bending series packs a psychologically spine-chilling punch.


Into the Beyond - Part 2: Far From Human - Paul James Keyes

The Beyond exists outside of time,

and its threats are far from human.

Part 2 of the Into the Beyond series brings new meaning to the term ‘self-fulfilling prophecy’ as unwitting hero Lewis Graham uses the riverbank of the Beyond to travel back up the river of time and re-live the events of Part 1 from a whole new perspective.

Armed only with a prophetic journal written by other versions of himself who failed at the journey ahead, Lewis must secretly help his slightly-younger self escape from the Agaresa sinister enemy that wishes to erase not only Lewis, but all of humanity by harvesting the energy of our universe‘s very creation.

A brief warning in the journal’s pages fails to provide peace of mind.

When the Agares are near, time stands still around you.  Pretend to freeze, and whatever you do, don’t forget:

They always come in pairs.

Into the Beyond - Part 3: Fires of Heaven - Paul James Keyes

The Beyond exists outside of time...

The fires of heaven burn across the ages.

Josie's summer camp experience is interrupted by blood-sucking ghasts that lure in their victims with the sounds of crying children. The horrors come in many forms in this run-for-your-life action-packed adventure.
Angels wept the day the heavens burned.  The mortal realm stood in awe as the glow of the flames bled through into our sky.  We laid out on blankets, pointing up at the shimmering glow, unknowing.  If only our eyes had been aimed lower, perhaps we would have seen that the terrors held to the fringes no longer.
Josie continued to watch the shadow in silence for some time, certain that it was no more than their wild imaginations playing tricks on their eyes... that is... until Channie whimpered a fearful gasp and the too-tall form slowly receded into the forest.

The Arcadian Complex - Book 1: Wrought by Fire - Paul James Keyes

An Ancient Magic lingers from a Forgotten Era. Wizards Reign & Terrorize with Godly Powers.

Salvine is sold to a madman who uses her flesh to form a beast with an unquenchable thirst for blood. She must do as her master commands—fetch the head of the bearer of the Mark of Kings.
Her target, a man plagued with
haunting visions of a destroyed world, discovers he can bend both man and nature to his will as long as the moon hangs in the sky. The symbol etched into his bicep is more important than he realizes. He is fated to be king, but only if he can survive a perilous journey across lands ruled by powerful tyrants.
When a local boy named Javic discovers the future king on his farm, he doesn’t think his luck can possibly get any worse. If only he knew Salvine—the girl he
secretly loves—is trapped in the mind of one of their hulking stalkers.
An epic tale of magic and mayhem spans a rich world brimming with danger.


The Arcadian Complex - Book 2: Ashen Sky - Paul James Keyes

A magical doorway is rediscovered. Any who dare enter are teleported to the Lost City of Sultrim, a dilapidated city, nestled high within the Arid Hills. An artifact of great power is rumored to reside there, but all who set forth to retrieve it are never heard from again. Perhaps the Guardians of the Sun—giant winged bears created by the wizards of old—are not as extinct as the scholars believe.
On the civilized side of the doorway, times are far from ideal in the Glowing City of Erotos. The struggle for power blurs the lines of friend and foe. Between the Arcanum, the queen, the Ver’konus, and the threat of enemy agents hiding in plain sight, everyone is a pawn in somebody’s deadly game.
The military academy holds claim over Javic and Belford, but with all-out war looming on the horizon, and unpredictable fluctuations of the Power literally tearing the streets of Erotos apart beneath their feet, there is little time to focus on their mandated training.
Belford’s past becomes clear as his memories resurface, but the more he learns about who he is and where he came from, the less certain the future becomes. Can Belford stitch together the shards of his forgotten memories before his past inevitably catches up with him?



Passenger Poet - Audrey Kohler

How do you tell your boyfriend of three years you are moving to Alaska without him?

Like the ocean, the waves of this story may carry you through from beginning to end, or you may flip freely to gather just what you need.
Apply these words to your own narrative. Reach for these poems as you would a favorite song, to bend meaning in whatever direction your heart desires.

This is heartbreak
and self-love
This is trial and error
This is everything I have felt since I was

I have done my best to craft you
a cup of tea
a conversation
to be shared and sipped

I am offering my heart to you
so, should you need it,
you might be able to tend to your own


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